donderdag 28 juni 2012

Want a vision of electronic music's future? Imagine crap trance riffs and recycled one note basslines stomping on a human face, for ever.

Waar zouden we toch zijn zonder The Quietus?

En gooi deze er ook nog maar achteraan als digestiefje.

zondag 24 juni 2012

"Now a book lives as long as it is unfathomed. Once it is fathomed it dies at once. It is an amazing thing, how utterly different a book will be, if I read it again after five years. Some books gain immensely, they are a new thing. They are so astonishingly different, they make a man question his own identity."

- D.H. Lawrence

maandag 18 juni 2012

To me, fair friend, you can never be old,
For as you were when first your eye I ey'd,
Such seems your beauty still.

- Shakespeare, Sonnet 104
Like to a Hermite poore in place obscure,
I meane to spend my daies of endles doubt,
To waile such woes as time cannot recure,
Where none but Loue shall ever finde me out.

- Walter Raleigh

zondag 17 juni 2012

  1. There is no such thing as a wise or grownup human being.
  2. Expect nothing.
  3. You are always right until someone proves otherwise.
  4. There are no musts.
  5. Go in the direction of something instead of going away from it. The best way out of something is to go through it.
  6. Be sparse when speaking and acting.
  7. Be as intelligent as possible.
  8. Never apologize for who you are.
  9. Protect your essence at all cost.
  10. Do not try to change anyone except yourself.
  11. Do not do anything futile.
  12. Trust your senses, not your feelings.
  13. Be awake and aware.
  14. Evil does exist. Try to avoid it in others and in yourself. If needed combat it with all your powers.
  15. Don't be boring.

zaterdag 16 juni 2012

Wicked deeds have their glamour
but those who commit them
are always bores

- W.H. Auden

donderdag 14 juni 2012

Ware vrijheid begint bij het nemen van verantwoordelijkheid.

maandag 11 juni 2012

"Niet het systeem, maar de commentaar is de legitieme vorm waarin de waarheid kan worden ontwikkeld."

- Gershom Scholem

zondag 10 juni 2012

But should you fail to keep your kingdom
And, like your father before you come
Where thought accuses and feeling mocks,
Believe your pain...

- W.H. Auden

zaterdag 2 juni 2012

I was only that which
you touched with your palm
over which, in the deaf, raven-black
night, you bent your head...
I was practically blind.
You, appearing, then hiding,
taught me to see.

- Joseph Brodsky