zondag 17 juni 2012

  1. There is no such thing as a wise or grownup human being.
  2. Expect nothing.
  3. You are always right until someone proves otherwise.
  4. There are no musts.
  5. Go in the direction of something instead of going away from it. The best way out of something is to go through it.
  6. Be sparse when speaking and acting.
  7. Be as intelligent as possible.
  8. Never apologize for who you are.
  9. Protect your essence at all cost.
  10. Do not try to change anyone except yourself.
  11. Do not do anything futile.
  12. Trust your senses, not your feelings.
  13. Be awake and aware.
  14. Evil does exist. Try to avoid it in others and in yourself. If needed combat it with all your powers.
  15. Don't be boring.

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