zondag 25 mei 2014

INTERVIEWER: How do you imagine your audience?

DeLILLO: When my head is in the typewriter the last thing on my mind is some imaginary reader. I don’t have an audience; I have a set of standards. But when I think of my work out in the world, written and published, I like to imagine it’s being read by some stranger somewhere who doesn’t have anyone around him to talk to about books and writing—maybe a would-be writer, maybe a little lonely, who depends on a certain kind of writing to make him feel more comfortable in the world.

INTERVIEWER: I’ve read critics who say that your books are bound to make people feel uncomfortable.

DeLILLO: Well, that’s good to know. But this reader we’re talking about—he already feels uncomfortable. He’s very uncomfortable. And maybe what he needs is a book that will help him realize he’s not alone.

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O. L. Muñoz Cremers zei

Ja! Een van mijn favoriete interviewcitaten van DeLillo.