zaterdag 25 juli 2015

"Grown adults, people who can tie their own shoes and are allowed to walk in traffic, seriously believe that we're walking a tightrope between existential risk and immortality.
Some of them are the most powerful figures in our industry, people who can call up Barack Obama about the dangers of nanotechnology, and Obama has to say “Michelle, I need to take this.”
“Barack, it is three o'clock in the morning."
“I know, but this guy is scared of sentient artificial intelligence and he's a huge contributor.”
And then Obama just has to sit there and listen to this shit."

"Tech culture is like a deadbeat who lives on your basement sofa. You ask him:
“When are you going to do all those things you promised?”
“Oh, wait until everyone has a computer.”
“They do.”
“Okay, I mean wait until they're all online. ”
“They are. Why isn't the world better?”
“Well, wait until they all have smartphones... and wearable devices,” and the excuses continue.
The real answer is, technology hasn't changed the world because we haven't cared enough to change it."

Absoluut prachtig stuk.

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